Because social context is more difficult to study than the consequences of game content or amount of play, researchers will need to design new experimental methods. Learning that results from video games may last only for the duration of the game, for a few minutes after play ceases or for the long term. Many content-focused studies, such as those in which children learn information about their health, also show that in-game learning can transfer to the real world in the long term click here. Researchers are continuing to investigate whether repeated exposure to violent games over time truly does desensitize players and increase their aggressive feelings and thoughts. Beyond that, we must find out whether such responses and behaviors become automatic. We hear conflicting reports about how video games affect our brains.

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Apps Opening Slow On The Huawei Y6 Pro

The games hub now updates on every load making it too slow and useless. I want the old functionality back or even better a second swipe left for the games list. Look, If you would all take the time to learn the OS and stop looking at it with the eyes of an iSheep or a Fandroid, and just approach it with an open mind. 8.1 improvements to UI and customization is very nice indeed, but have you seen Themer on Android ? I am in no way affiliated with them, just a happy user who like to drastically change my phone look&feel from time to time.

  • Simply put, there are a ton of mobile games out there.
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Why Android Phones Slow Down Over Time, And How To Speed Them Up

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