Below we made a screenshot of our GPS track from Triglav hike rendered in each app so that you can assess the quality of maps yourself. We used a topographic map, if the app could provide it. The Hiking Project app did not qualify because it does not support GPS tracks and therefore you cannot plan a route for your hike beforehand. The Map My Hike app didn’t make it either, because it only supports road maps and thus it seems more oriented towards those who like to walk within cities.

One issue that’s annoying on OS app is that it doesn’t keep your position central on the screen, need to keep centering, does IOS do this Colin?. Noticed recently that NI isn’t covered on app either. Followed the “connect your account” link to connect by VR account to OA. On the app I click “connect with VR” and it says “error, if you’ve already connected your account, just log in”. Tried to log in, says wrong password, same password works on VR.


Again the maps were in a proprietary format so couldn’t be transferred to any other application. I’m happy to pay 39p a week for Ordnance survey subscription, seems very little for what it gives me. The apps not perfect, but it works well for what I use it for. If I was looking at new mapping app, not having bought into anything before, I’d probably go for OS Maps at this point.

You can also download additional mapping directly within ViewRanger using a network connection. Tap that, then zoom in or out to make sure you have the whole walk and then click download map. When you have a route on your device, it’s also easy to export the GPX file. This will then let you import the route into a number of different apps, programs and websites. This is what we use to share our free walks with everyone and it works flawlessly. It even allows you to upload to cloud storage providers like Microsoft, Apple and Google.


Coros is a bit of a newcomer to this space, but in a short space of time managed to launch a collection of impressive multisport watches including the outdoor-centric Vertix. What it misses out on here really is some form of navigation support. So there’s no breadcrumb navigation or the richer mapping features you get on Garmin’s Fenix range. That may well be ViewRanger why it can promise such good battery numbers.

  • There are quick tools to share the route in the left column but of most interest is the Show off this Route!
  • This final one is probably more phone than app specific however.
  • I think the Outdooractive site lets you download a limited area onto your phone but to get a larger area or the whole country would take ages.
  • Despite all these things going on, there were zero gaps in coverage and as best I can tell the phone only used roughly 3% per hour.
  • A hiking app allows you to easily navigate along the trails and quickly find the best route to your destination.
  • My thoughts are that while the free maps in viewranger are useful, I wouldn’t want to rely on them alone.